Our Companies

Global Labor Solutions (GLS)

The recruitment department has experience of more than 5 years and more than 250 successful high-added value recruitments (rare profiles, international recruitments, experienced managers, efficient managers...). Focusing on reactivity to precipitation, our approach systemically includes an audit and consulting phase before the implementation of the research facilities. To allow the customer to secure their investment, the entire process is controlled. Every effort is made to ensure effective recruitment in a controlled time, to which GLS commits itself.

Djibouti Procurement Services (DPS)

We can assure you this group is the right place to do a tailor-made service and with no doubt will be able to work well together and value your business.

Global Shipping Services (GSS)

Global Shipping Services represents the maritime shipping lines that link Djibouti to the rest of the world be it general cargo, liners, containerized carriers, or coasters..

International Transit Services (ITS)

ITS is involved in clearing/forwarding cargo and performing all needed documentation such as way/bills, trucking coordination, reporting, etc. One stop to provide the full set of documents and prompt clearance and forwarding is guaranteed.

Fortune Marine Services (FMS)

This company is engaged in cargo inspections, tallying, and surveys. Also in Draft surveys, on-hire/off-hire and bunker surveys. This company can provide a full chain of logistics.